Luminaire Hair Colour Promotion


Hair Colour + Water Spa at $88 nett

Bring back the healthy glow and silky smooth tresses

Benefits of Luminaire

Non-drying and
does not harm hair and scalp

Shiny, glossy finish for
a healthy, natural look

Long-lasting, fade-defying colour
that maintains its glow

What can I Expect from Luminaire Hair Colour?

Silky smooth and healthy hair in a range of glossy, sophisticated colours!

What Makes Luminaire Hair Colour Different?

Luminaire is a revolutionary hair colour range that harnesses the Tressynergy (TSS) Silk Technology, cutting-edge technology from Japan derived from decades of research dedicated to the study of hair colours that do not damage the hair and scalp.

TSS Technology can:

  • Combat the loss of shine and health of coloured hair by improving the density in the hair cortex
  • Enhance hair elasticity to prevent breakage and help the hair retain moisture longer with the hair-repairing ingredient, Isostearoyl Hydrolysed Silk
  • Protect the hair and reinforce hair structure with Cysteine, a type of amino acid present in Silk Protein, that supplies the hair with new keratin to strengthen the hair

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Where can I redeem the Luminaire Hair Colour Promotion?

You can redeem the Luminaire Hair Colour Promotion at any of these seven conveniently located EX Style outlets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I make an appointment to redeem the Luminaire Hair Colour Promotion?
Please call or WhatsApp EX Style at +65 8403 8140 to reserve a seat for your Luminaire Hair Colour Promotion redemption! Book early to avoid disappointment!
Am I suitable for Luminaire Hair Colour?

Everyone has different hair qualities, so don’t worry and book an appointment with us to discuss more with our hair consultants. They will do a personalised hair analysis for you and understand your hair goals from you to determine the most suitable hair colour for you.

How long does Luminaire Hair Colour last?

Luminaire Hair Colour can last up to one to two months depending on your hair quality. However, as opposed to typical hair colours that may lose their glow and become dull, Luminaire Hair Colour gains glow and lustre over time instead. Ask our hair consultants to find out more about Luminaire Hair Colour for you.

Can I do Luminaire Hair Colour with other services such as rebonding, perming, or hair and scalp treatments?

Yes, you can pair your Luminaire Hair Colour with other services such as rebonding, perming, and hair and scalp treatments! For more information, please book an appointment and check with our hair consultants who will be able to advise you on the best course of action after a personalised hair analysis.

When does the Luminaire Hair Colour Promotion end?
Slots are limited so seize the opportunity and book your Luminaire Hair Colour session with us now to experience healthy, coloured hair with shine!

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